A Warm Copper Welcome
Show your Old West
hospitality! These
signs and pictures
combine hand-tooled
burnished copper with
authentic vintage
boards to give your
home that extra
welcoming touch.
Shingle Shacks
Reclaimed vintage shingles,
naturally weathered by the
Montana elements and
recovered from an actual
homestead site, are used to
create these miniature
homestead cabins and
A variety of messages,
illustrations, and custom designs
are available. Popular gift ideas
include personalized family trees,
address signs and ranch and brand
signs. Click on these links to look
at some examples.
Unique Rustic Art
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In the midst of a rugged landscape and unforgiving elements, Montana pioneers forged a way of life
that was harsh but touched by distinct beauty. Today, artist Sheryl Swanson uses softly-burnished
copper and weathered vintage wood to help you experience the flavor of life in the Old West.
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Thanks for dropping by!
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